Our Manufacturers 

Shake on It

Working with small to medium-sized manufacturers

has distinct advantages...

Flexibility: Typical conglomerates are set in their ways and paint with a broad stroke, not taking into account specific needs of their dealers (marketing, discounts, support) 

Unique Cabinetry Lines versus over-saturated and often, "multi-branded" products. There is no need to worry about another dealer down the road basically having the exact same product as you offer. Who wants to do the "heavy lifting" of educating the customer and hours of design work , only to have the your competitor down the road capture and close the deal on the same product, for a cheaper price?  

Domestically-Sourced Materials: Our manufacturers prefer to work with domestically-sourced materials versus "globally-sourced" used by many manufacturers

The 3 Legged Stool


We believe that the relationship between dealer, rep and manufacturer needs to be fair and equitable. Much like the legs on a 3--legged stool, if one does not perform, then the stool in inoperable and will fail. Mutual success is the consistent goal of Coastal Cabinetry Group.