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             Mike Kupsov

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After over 15 years as a successful factory rep for some of the largest national cabinetry manufacturers, Mike decided it was time to break out on his own, forming the Coastal Cabinetry Group.

We are an independent kitchen and bath rep agency, focused on providing dealers and their clients with solid sales and marketing strategies to assure mutual success.

With a strong commitment to true partnerships with his dealers, Mike has built up a loyal customer base who rely on him for a curated mix of high quality products.

Each brand delivers something unique and adds value as a complementary piece

of the product portfolio. With more and more cabinetry lines becoming part of conglomerates,

Coastal Cabinetry Group partners exclusively with privately-held, independent kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturers. These folks run their companies more like a family business, with a vested interest in mutual success. 


Our Coastal Cabinetry Support Team

In order to provide our customers with the greatest amount of face-to-face interaction and support,

Mike is fortunate to have two team support staff:

Nicole, who oversees all customer care, inside sales, product webinar training and

new account on-boarding as well as marketing support for the group.

The other valuable team member, is Diane,  who is responsible for helping with pricing

and design expertise; whether its cabinetry. 

If you would like to learn more about the Coastal Cabinetry Group or any of their products,

feel free to email us.

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